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    Hello, how is it going?

    Before you start choosing a casino there are things you need to take into account such as the advantages of the house and the chances you have of winning or not in the casino. In my case, I play at 22bet Nigeria because of the reviews I read on this site.


    Sometimes, the house seems like your enemy. That enemy that takes all your money because it knows something you don’t. The house is the one that dominates the cards, the roulette balls and has control over what happens in every bet. The house is the one that dominates the cards, the roulette balls and has control over what happens in every bet. Sometimes, it may seem that way.

    But the house edge is not a ploy to make you lose, it’s more like the fixed money the casino makes on every bet placed at the tables. Take, for example, European roulette.

    In this popular betting game, the house edge will always be 2.7%. The house edge is usually taken out of the initial bet and is not added to additional bets on the same game.


    It would be wonderful if house edges were fixed, but they are not and vary from game to game and from bet type to bet type. Of course, the smaller the house edge, the more attractive the game. It should also be noted that not all online sites handle the same house edge. Therefore, it is advisable to find out beforehand and make comparisons. We have already seen that in European roulette the house edge is 2.7%.

    In American roulette, on the other hand, the house edge is usually 5.26%. In European blackjack the advantage is about 0.45%, and in slots the variation ranges from 1.80% to 15%! Therefore, finding out what the house edge is is vital for your finances.


    Of all the games of chance, blackjack may be the most popular.

    This is no surprise, as blackjack can reduce the house edge to less than 1%, if you know how to bet right. It all depends on how many decks are included in the game. If the dealer (in the case of a live game) says that the game has a 5% house edge, it is 5% that the bettor is supposed to lose.

    For example, there are certain online blackjack games that have optional bets that tend to play in favour of the house. You have to be very vigilant if you want to bet on the side. But not everything goes in favour of the house. Let’s see how to win.



    First of all, it is vital to learn all the rules by heart. And beware that there are as many sets of rules as there are blackjack games. When the player goes over the number, he always, always loses his bet. That is the golden rule.

    Second, the fewer decks of cards used in the game, the smaller the house edge and the greater the gambler’s profit. Why is the number of decks important and does it influence the house edge?

    Because the fewer cards there are, the less likely the player is to get a natural blackjack, and the less likely the player is to have a natural blackjack at the same time as the house. If both (player and house) have a natural blackjack, the bet is returned to the player and you have to start all over again.


    It is best to always keep your accounts straight. When we talk about blackjack having the lowest house advantage for the player, what do we mean? Well, this is what follows: if you play with eight decks, although you have a better chance of winning, you will have to pay the house a 0.66% house edge.

    If you play six decks, you’ll pay 0.64%. If you play four decks, 0.60%. If you play with two, you’ll pay 0.46% and if, finally, you play with just one deck, you’ll pay 0.17% which is by far the best percentage in the vast majority of gambling games.

    Why pay more when you can pay a lot less? These percentages do not only apply to live games, but also to online games.


    The possibilities are endless when it comes to house advantage. And a group of online casinos has emerged whose house edge is equal to 0, unbelievable as it may seem. This zero house edge makes you feel like you have a good chance of winning, or at least tells you that there will be no guaranteed percentage loss.


    The 0% house edge ensures the bold online casinos that offer it free advertising and a higher flow of bettors. And that is always a good thing. Those casinos sustain themselves because not all their games are no-limit games, and because players make mistakes and that makes the house win anyway.

    Finally, as we can see, when it comes to house advantage there is something for everyone’s pocket.


    We think it’s worth trying with those whose house edge is 0, particularly if you are an experienced player. You never know if you can get luck on your side and hit the cat with the stick really hard.


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